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  • The Old Town: Piece of History and Culture

    Laughing and always happy Denmark is one of those countries where everything seems great, people always smile because they are very satisfied with their lifestyle, attractions offer amazing and perfect vacation, luxury hotels welcome their visitors with a big smile, and countless museums and theaters are waiting to be explored. Summer is the best time […]

  • Best Museums in Copenhagen

    Lively and green Copenhagen is no doubt one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and especially in Scandinavia, which for already many years is attracting local and international travelers. Blessed with a wide range of amazing attractions and magnificent places, this happy city is a place to be seen to be believed. […]

  • Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen

    Green Copenhagen warmly welcomes its visitors with amazing attractions and alluring gardens, marvelous theaters and museums, where you can find countless art values, world-class restaurants and luxurious hotels offering you the best for your trip. If you happen to visit the lively capital of Denmark, make sure to stay in a hotel near the attractions […]

  • Modern architecture of Copenhagen

    During this globalization epoch Copenhagen tests constant changes, absorbing elements of other cultures and traditions. Shapes of the city already more than 900 years old, are updated under the influence of the Danish and foreign architects. In harbor of Copenhagen architects Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen have designed the new wing of the Royal library which […]

  • Fashion in Denmark: you will never get bored

    What do we know about Danish fashion? InWear and Matinique, Saga Furs, Evita Peroni, Ecco. The Scandinavian beauty Helena Kristensen. Well, someon may remember B-Young … By the way, about Ecco. All advertizing posters of this, undoubtedly, qualitative, but absolutely faceless, boring footwear have been always always admired. On posters is the same footwear but […]

  • post thumbnailThe Old Town: Piece of History and Culture
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  • post thumbnailBest Museums in Copenhagen
    Feb 13, 2012 | 0 comments
  • post thumbnailMarriott Hotel in Copenhagen
    Jan 10, 2012 | 0 comments
  • post thumbnailModern architecture of Copenhagen
    Sep 18, 2010 | 0 comments
  • post thumbnailFashion in Denmark: you will never get bored
    Sep 16, 2010 | 0 comments

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A dream for every child, a place where there are countless amazing heroes from different cartoons and movies, little boxes to put together and create  a masterpiece; that’s LEGOLAND. Many children in the world don’t even know their popular Lego lives in a big city with its friends, where everything is made from Lego. Hereby we […]

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5 top family friendly attractions in Denmark

Denmark is the smallest Scandinavian country, although considered by many to be the best for families on holiday. It is a wonderful country whose people are both welcoming and relaxed. It is also a very family-friendly place for locals and visitors alike, even within the busy cities. A beautiful country, Denmark is a place that […]

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Comfort Windsor Hotel in Odense

One of the most outstanding cities in Denmark is surely Odense where amazing accommodation options and luxury hotels, deluxe restaurants and world-class cultural venues are waiting for you. It’s blessed with countless attractions for both adults and children. The family-friendly atmosphere and the unique combination of modern and ancient is what you need  to call […]

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Five Reasons To Visit Denmark

The world happiest country is blessed with almost everything to make your vacations not only amazing but also full of joy and fun. It’s a country offering you much to explore. Besides, the good and warm atmosphere is always guaranteed. Just dive into the cultural wonders of this country and be part of Danish lifestyle […]

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Denmark Facts

Tiny and little country with its great historical events and unique cultural heritage seems very small while you examine it from far but if you examine it deeper you will understand why it’s called kingdom and will surely appreciate the history, the culture and more importantly the people. Remember that everything seems easy and simple […]

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Places to Visit in Denmark

Just because Denmark is smaller than the rest of European countries, many people think it is a less interesting country compared to the rest. Just like every other country and destination, Denmark is unique in its own way and has really much to offer for a true Scandinavian experience and a perfect vacation. Denmark is […]

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Top 10 Danish phrases to help you get by

More than five million people speak Danish, the North Germanic language of Denmark. Though learning Danish is arguably just as difficult as learning Icelandic or Finnish, several key phrases can be picked up by visitors to the country without too much difficulty. One of the most important points to note about Danish is that the […]

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Visiting Denmark by Car

If you take some time and read the notes of many writers and poets you will see that many of their works were written when they were traveling by train or by car. Why? Because this type of travel always gives time to not only think, but also enjoy and admire the beauty around you […]

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Fascinating Danish Courses Around the World to Give You An Edge

Quietly understated but highly prosperous and advanced in its own right, Denmark has been making steady progress even as other countries in the EU decline. It is becoming more attractive as a business and a tourist destination. If you plan on doing business with the Danes or plan to visit this beautiful country, knowledge of […]

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Best Day in Sommerland Sjaelland

There are countless Sommerlland parks in Denmark perfect for all ages. In Sommerlland parks you will find modern extreme rides, natural areas full of boats, horses for an ideal family fun and more. If you want to have this crazy experience and enjoy amusement park opportunities of Denmark we suggest that you take all inclusive […]

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Denmark – Holiday Ideas for 2012

When traveling to Denmark, you need to have certain essentials including reservations, important papers, travel insurance, and credit cards. You also need to learn about the climate, currency exchange rates, and interesting attractions. Things to do in Denmark: The Kingdom of Denmark is one of the countries in Scandinavia and consists of a large peninsula […]

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Four Best Cheap Cafes in Copenhagen

Though Denmark is a small country, it still boasts of  countless attractions and amazing parks, luxury hotels and world-class restaurants, which undoubtedly attract visitors to this Scandinavian miracle. But what if you don’t have enough money to visit luxury places? So what? The Danish miracle is not to necessarily be discovered in luxurious places, so […]

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48 hours in Copenhagen

As Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen is one of the top places to visit if you’re heading to this marvellous Scandinavian country. If you’ve only got a few days for your city break, or if you’re worried about breaking the bank, it’s wise to have the low-down on what to see and do to ensure you […]